Enjoy Degusta Búzios!

Enjoy Degusta Búzios!

What's up, people who enjoy the Omar vibe in Rio! Are you ready for an experience that will excite not only your taste buds, but also your hearts? It's time to dive headfirst into the tastiest event of the moment: the incredible Degusta Búzios, which is setting the city on fire with all the carioca energy we love!

Degusta Búzios: A Sensorial Experience by the Sea
Our technological family, you know that we are always up to date with the best news, right? And you can't waste time when it comes to irresistible flavors and a breathtaking beach atmosphere! So, hold on to the oven and we'll tell you all about Degusta Búzios, the true celebration of flavor and joy by the sea.

When? It's already going on and runs until August 13. So, if you are in the mood for a last-minute getaway or if you are looking forward to an epic weekend, this is the perfect opportunity!
Where? In the beautiful beaches and picturesque scenery of Búzios, a city that is already a jewel of our Rio de Janeiro and that is now even more incredible with the special touch of Degusta.

What awaits you?
Ah, guys, the list of attractions is jaw-dropping! Get ready to savor magnificent dishes prepared by the best restaurants in the region, as well as renowned chefs who turn every bite into a unique experience. Fresh seafood, unusual combinations, international delights... the diversity of options will leave you breathless!

But Degusta Búzios is not just about food. It is a complete celebration of the senses! Interactive workshops, tastings that will transport you to other continents and live shows that will make you dance with your feet in the sand. And yes, we have per-fei-tas accommodations for you to enjoy the festival in style, run to our website and book!

Connected at Degusta!
So, how about sharing every moment with us? Use the hashtag #DegustaOmarDoRio and tag @omardorio in your photos and stories. After all, we want to see your smile as you experience each exuberant flavor and immerse yourself in this unique event!

Well, guys, now it's up to you. Degusta Búzios is there to be savored, enjoyed and lived the Omar do Rio way: with enthusiasm, joy and human warmth. Don't miss this chance to be part of an amazing experience that combines Omar's technology with the vibrant spirit of our Rio de Janeiro!
Let's go together, crew members!