Everything you should know about Lapa!

Everything you should know about Lapa!

Get ready, Omar do Rio crew! Let's embark on a journey through one of the best places that Rio de Janeiro has to offer, Lapa, the heart of the city of Rio de Janeiro! Obviously we couldn't fail to talk about this bohemian classic, after all, we're the biggest experts on the marvelous city. Here's a look at everything Lapa has to offer.

Rio Scenarium - Prepare your senses, because this is where you can enjoy good music and drinks all night long! At the Rio Scenarium, you'll be dancing and throwing yourself into the engaging beats of different Brazilian rhythms. The unique architecture of this place is a spectacle in itself. Tip: arrive early to enjoy every second of this cultural party and avoid the queue!

Escadaria Selarón - Do you want to take some pictures that no one will believe? The Selarón Staircase is a veritable rainbow of tiles that tells the story of Rio de Janeiro. It's best to visit during the day to explore every corner of this mural of colors and don't forget to post a story while you're there!

Teatro Odisséia - Looking for an underground tour with live shows? Teatro Odisséia is the place to be! Shows by independent bands, themed parties and an atmosphere that will immerse you in Rio's alternative culture. Check out the program on the website, get your wristband and dive into the scene!

Bar da Cachaça - You can't talk about Lapa without mentioning Bar da Cachaça, almost a historical landmark that has even become a song in the voice of Luísa Sonza. This is an establishment where you might even discover a new flavor of cachaça from the many varieties on offer. Remember to drink in moderation!

Bar da Boa - Hungry after all the excitement? Relax, Bar da Boa is there to quench your hunger and thirst. Naughty snacks and a selection of drinks will leave you wanting more. Order that mouth-watering coxinha and a cold draft beer, and you're good to go!

Bar Carioca da Gema - Want to get to know the real taste of Rio? This is the place! Rooted boteco food, samba no pé and a vibe that only this city has. Throw yourself on the tables, order a caipirinha and get ready to samba a lot.

Lapa 40 Graus - If Rio's nightlife is your thing, Lapa 40 Graus is your destination for dancing until dawn. Live music, a boiling dance floor and that energy that only Lapa can offer. It doesn't matter if it's winter or summer, the temperature here is always hot!

Barraquinhas dos Arcos - Don't judge the book by its cover, the barraquinhas at the beginning of Lapa offer giant glasses of drinks and tasty street food at an affordable price. A great place to start the evening and explore everything the neighborhood has to offer!

Booze Bar - Right next to the Arcos da Lapa, you'll find this bar that's making headlines on social media for its themed and fun drinks, as well as craft beers of various flavors, a variety of snacks and delicious hamburgers.

Circo Voador - To round things off, how about a show at Circo Voador? Check out what's on and buy your ticket to enjoy shows by national and international artists, an incredible atmosphere and lots and lots of fun. Here, the rule is clear: leave your problems outside and indulge in the magic of the circus!

So, did you enjoy the tips? At Omar do Rio we want you to live every moment intensely and enjoy the best of Rio. Tag us on instagram @omardorio so we can follow your adventures closely. Off to Lapa? Let's go together!