Everything you need to know about Parque Lage!

Everything you need to know about Parque Lage!

Hello Omar do Rio crew! Today, we're going to explore a charming destination right in the heart of Rio de Janeiro: the elegant Parque Lage. If you want to get in touch with nature, immerse yourself in Rio's culture and admire the city's classic scenery, you've come to the right place. Let's embark on this journey together.

Imagine with me: in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city, you find a serene green haven waiting to be discovered. Parque Lage is like a well-kept secret for those looking for a refuge from the urban hustle and bustle and an opportunity to reconnect with nature. The atmosphere here is one of pure tranquillity, offering a welcome escape from the concrete jungle, so we've listed a few reasons to visit this iconic place:

1. The cultural richness

Parque Lage is an aspect that should not be overlooked. The park was once an iconic mansion and now serves as the headquarters of the School of Visual Arts. The historical importance itself makes the visit worthwhile, but there is still more to discover.

2. Beautiful view and excellent breakfast

Not to mention the swimming pool. Yes, that's right! A Roman-style swimming pool adorns the mansion's inner courtyard. Don't you just want to take a refreshing dip? The pool is open to the public for special events and at the end of the school term for the Park's School of Visual Arts, so check the institute's official media to see if you'll be able to take a dip. And let's not forget the trails that lead to a breathtaking view of the Christ the Redeemer statue. It really is an enchanting experience. There's also Café Plage, one of the most popular breakfasts in RJ. The portions are plentiful and delicious, so you can enjoy a luxurious morning at the palace. We recommend that you go on weekdays or as early as possible to avoid the queues that form throughout the day, or go in the afternoon for a delicious brunch.

3. Tours for all tastes and budgets

The city of Rio is an environment with a wide variety of experiences. Parque Lage embraces this diversity with open arms. Whether it's a picnic with friends, relaxed conversations in the café or taking part in the cultural activities that take place there, there is something for everyone.

4. Contact with nature

If you're a born explorer, there are trails everywhere! One of them leads to Corcovado, offering some of the most incredible views of the city. Here's a tip: as experts on the Marvelous City, consider including Parque Lage in your itinerary. Believe me, it will be one of the highlights of your trip.

So, dear friends of Omar do Rio, Parque Lage is yet another reason to celebrate our beloved Rio de Janeiro. Whether you want to relax, enjoy the art, have a snack or simply take a quiet stroll, this place radiates the unique energy of our city.

Let's enter this tropical haven and flood our lives with the eternal dream of a Carioca summer. Until next time, guys, let's go together!