5 Búzios's trails to adventure in!

5 Búzios's trails to adventure in!

What's up, crew members! If you are ready to embark on a unique adventure through the stunning nature of Búzios, get ready to meet the trails that will make your hearts flutter. With the carioca energy and curiosity in your chest, it's time to explore incredible sceneries and exciting challenges. Tie your shoelaces, grab your hats and let's embark on this unforgettable tour!

1. Tartaruga-Manguinhos Crossing - Starting with the Right Foot!

To start with everything, the Tartaruga-Manguinhos Crossing. Here, tranquility is the watchword. With easy access from Estrada da Tartaruga, this trail takes us to walk along trails that cut through the typical vegetation of the region. Prepare to be embraced by a gentle sea breeze as you walk along the coast and enjoy an unforgettable panoramic view.

2. Travessia Brava-Olho de Boi - Between Landscapes and Sea Breeze!

To start with everything, the Travessia Brava-Olho de Boi is the trail that will awaken your adventurous spirit. Accessible and exciting, this trail takes us along an easy path to the paradisiacal Olho de Boi Beach. How to get there? Take the road from Praia Brava and follow the signs. Get ready to be surprised by crystal clear waters and a relaxing atmosphere, where nature seems to embrace you at every step. But beware, this beach is a nudist beach.

3. Pai Vitorio Trail - Exploring New Horizons!

Time to take a turn in the adventure! The Pai Vitorio Trail is perfect for all beginners and the curious. To get there, follow the signs at João Fernandes Beach and immerse yourself in this experience. Cross the characteristic vegetation of the region until you reach the coveted Ponta do Pai Vitorio. The view? A spectacle of sea and sky merging, creating a breathtaking scenery!

4. Canto-Tartaruga Crossing - Towards the Next Challenge! Let's get the adrenaline pumping!

The Canto-Tartaruga Crossing is the trail that requires a little more physical preparation. Head towards Praia da Tartaruga and look for the signs. This trail involves more rugged terrain and climbs that will test your limits. The reward? Panoramic views that will reinforce your love of nature.

5. Travessia Ferradura-Ferradurinha - The Final Challenge! Ready for the last challenge?

The Travessia Ferradura-Ferradurinha is an epic trail that demands endurance and passion for adventure. Found near Rua das Pedras, this trail is a mix of beaches, vegetation and amazing views. Get ready for a journey that can last up to 4 hours and that will take you to secret beaches and stunning landscapes.

Grab your backpacks and cameras, and let's go together to explore the best that Búzios has to offer! Remember to respect nature, bring water and wear sunscreen. Now it's up to you, Omar do Rio adventurers!